Paddleboard Overview

· Single Elimination

· Teams of 4

· Round 1:

All Teams

· Round 2:

The top 12 teams based on team placement average of 1st round

· Round 3:

Top four teams. Single elimination

· Two life guards will be posted on the dock at all times.

· One rescue boat will be in the water at all times

· Four or more volunteers will be placed near the floating dock to help reset the race and confirm arm bands

· Colored arm bands will be used for judges to identify teams

· Race Committee will be stationed on “F4” dock for scoring and rules

· A volunteer announcer will keep the crowd engaged by using a load speaker and “play by play” Nick Philp

· The Monroe Harbor Master will be made aware of the event ahead of time. This is the process we use for our Junior Sailors.

· Docking will require radio timing to come to the dock during the event. Boats will need to wait for breaks in the heats. The will coordinate via radio with Columbia Dock staff

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